Looking for help finding a Christmas present for your mum? Don't worry, it happens to all of us! We’ve put together a list including our top tips, and we can assure you, she’s going to love it. It can be a mammoth task finding a little something big enough to thank them for everything they do for us, but here our team share their secret tricks to getting your Christmas gifts right.


1.Gifts to share

One of the main theories to focus on when it comes to choosing the best gift for a mum is that it is often more about the experience than the actual gift in itself.

Enter: dinners in special places, family trips or simply spending hours together making memories, playing board games, trying out recipes, treating yourself to a hotel breakfast at home or recreating original cocktails – there are endless recipes to choose from in books or online.

The budget is up to you, but the really important factor is to spend time with your loved ones and make sure your mum has a wonderful time.

Ideas on how to make it happen? Research places she would like to go and but hasn't yet, get some board games, get some recipe books, make her a breakfast movie or find a set of cocktail utensils like Aniceli - the possibilities are endless and give you plenty of scope to innovate every year!


2. Gifts for interior design fans

If you’re reading this blog, the chances are your mum loves home décor, so you’ve come to the right place! We are experts and recommend you head over our website or visit your nearest Kave shop so that our team can help you find the perfect gift.

Looking for some winning ideas? Mirrors, paintings, rugs, decorative plants, flower pots, office accessories and a whole lot more to make your home cosier and comfier than ever.


3. Winning gift ideas

Here you’ll find key gifts and gift ideas that will always get you out of a hole when you don't have the time or creativity to think of a gift. Who says gift giving is difficult? Consider a soft blanket, mugs with a special design, photo frames to keep your best memories together, vases that you can fill with flowers or candles and home scents.


4. Christmassy gifts

We would class Christmassy gifts as a little extra to a more personal gift. These help you give a festive touch to your gift, and can be used and remembered with love for the festive season every year.

Some examples are hanging decorations, ready-lit stars for the tree or to decorate any corner of the house, decorative figurines or candle holders to create a warm and cosy atmosphere.


5. Gift ideas per price

On a budget? Sometimes, a very quick way to find the best gift is to go to the gift selections per price range: we have gifts categorised into: under €30, under €50, under €100 or more than €100.

If you need more tips and advice to get your Christmas under control, click here and read more of our Christmas ideas.

Nov. 18, 2021, 9:54 a.m.