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  • Laura Ayala

    Pink Flow: More than just a trend

    The combination of the typical colour of flowers and the texture of moss has been the inspiration behind the creation of these pieces. Let yourself be seduced by the details hidden inside these designer pieces of furniture.

  • Laura Ayala

    Furniture for a 40 m2 apartment. Mission accomplished!

    Decorating a small apartment and making it your own can be tricky. But with Kave Home anything is possible. Every inch counts when it comes to small spaces. Today we want to show you the ideal furniture for furnishing a small flat. Let the mission begin!

  • Laura Ayala

    AW19 / New Collection: The Beauty of Aging

    The Beauty Of Aging is a campaign that transports us to a more real and authentic world and invites us to reflect on the beauty of the passage of time. Close your eyes for a minute, let us take you to this place.

  • Laura Ayala

    Mirror, mirror, tell me how to decorate my home

    I dare to call upon you fellow companions, a mirror decorates spaces, it gives light to our home, it helps give an increased sensation of depth and the most important of all, it tips us off every time our hair is messy. Mirrors are our salvation. In this post we are going to reveal their […]

  • Laura Ayala

    Your house is crying out for a new look

    We are realists, it’s impossible to continuously change the furniture in your house. To those of us who like to change its style, I’m telling you that you don’t need to make big changes or invest large amounts. Take note and discover the key pieces needed to achieve a new look.

  • Laura Ayala

    Jungle home: Plants in every room

    Throw open the doors of your home to green. But today we are not talking about green furniture or walls, but rather about plants and the effects they can have on the different rooms in our home and, more importantly, on ourselves. Why wait for the weekend to go hiking in the mountains? For those […]

  • Judit Navarro

    Would you like to set trends? We will tell you what’s coming

    Trends come and go. Don’t get taken by surprise, take the first step! Go ahead and be the first to own the very latest in design and decoration. Is this hard for you to believe? Read on and you will see. But shhh …, this is top secret, and we want only you to know […]

  • Paula Gelabert

    Your wishlist, a special home

    We all dream of having a stylish home, so we’re going to run through all those ‘must have’ items so you don’t miss out on any of our most desired pieces.

  • Laura Ayala

    How to combine colours in your home

    Who are we kidding? Everyone loves bright colours, right? They give us energy and joy, everything we need to survive the daily grind. The problem is that we often lack the courage to make the leap into the world of colour. Never fear. Kave Home is here with ideas to suit all tastes.

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