With the end of summer and the arrival of autumn, we like to spend more time snuggling in our beds. Maybe it´s one of those rainy days, where the only thing we want to do is to hide in under our blankets. It is well known, however, that this season is not contributing to a good night´s rest. It often happens that we have difficulty sleeping and this results into our batteries being a little discharged.


Sweet dreams, but how? Kave Home knows! Our favorite webshop has created a brand new collection dedicated to your sleep. Many solutions to make your moments of rest pleasant for not only your body but also your eyes. The collection provides you furniture and accessories for your bedroom, from the base of the bed to mattresses, pillows and toppers.



The Kave team has thought of everyone. This way, you can be assured of a good sleep, even in autumn! Four types that will satisfy even the most restless personalities. - Eva, the Ferrari of latex mattresses, from 0 to deep sleep in just 3 seconds - Nia, in foam and viscoelastic, suitable for more sporty personalities, seeking relief at the first touch with the bed bed - Juno, perfectly stable, for all those couples who suffer from night-time kicking - Yoko, a highly respectable economy bed in viscoelastic and contoured foam.



After choosing your mattress, you will have to select the bed base that suits you best. Are you looking for simple, minimal and solid, or are you looking for a bed with storage, comfort and space? Kave has all sorts of them and in the right colors! Yes, because for a "sweet autumn sleep" it is known that the use of perfect colors is the first step to achieve the best sheep counting techniques. Soft colors and nothing too loud. The high bases and those with containers are available in soft colors mustard, gray, beige and graphite. All shades that contribute perfectly to our moments of rest.

What is missing to bring your rest to the TOP? A topper, of course! What exactly do we mean? Those covers to put over the mattress, overall thin padded mattresses, strictly in sanitized fabric, which will ensure a 5-star rest.



Ana, Sasa, Nyla, Sun and Moon. We are not talking about the new formation of the Kave Team. These are the brand-new pillows available in the webshop. To the dear Sun and Moon, three other proposals have been added. - Ana, in latex, of medium hardness, for those who cannot decide on what side to sleep - Sasa, in viscoelastic, also adapts to the most difficult cervical - Nyla, that provides absolute softness, is one of those pillows that feels like a cloud.


Kave's team did everything they could to make sure your autumn will be a little softer and definitely sleepier. If you want to sleep peacefully, we advise you to check out the webshop and give your bedroom a touch of… Kave!

Original text: My Happy Place

Translation and interpretation: Kiki van Lohuizen