• Laura Ayala

    AW19 / New Collection: The Beauty of Aging

    The Beauty Of Aging is a campaign that transports us to a more real and authentic world and invites us to reflect on the beauty of the passage of time. Close your eyes for a minute, let us take you to this place.

  • Judit Navarro

    My studio flat, my happy place, by Olympe

    Two years ago, we visited this old textile factory that had been converted into a scrap yard. At first, it wasn’t particularly attractive. Huge pools of water on the floor and a lot of leaks. A floor covered in moss. But it had potential. 300 m2 for redesigning.

  • admin-i2tic

    At Irene Colzi’s home: the creative area

    Irene Colzi has been creating web content for 9 years, first as a blogger, then as an influencer and youtuber. Passionate about fashion, on purchasing her latest house, she discovered her love for interior decoration and design, and she loves to hunt for that special something that makes her house unique, welcoming and functional.

  • editorialstaff

    Hand-made pieces for enjoying the outdoors

    The days are growing longer and good weather is right around the corner, so it’s time to start getting our outdoor spaces ready. Here’s one of this summer’s trends: durable hand-woven furniture made using traditional techniques with very contemporary lines.

  • admin-i2tic

    Our #KaveWomensDay Manifesto by Alejandra Remón

    Here at Kave Home, we want to congratulate you, congratulate ourselves and congratulate her. Because, as she would say, “Take a look at yourself. We’re all there.” We are caring, capricious, happy, stubborn, dreamers, crazy… but, above all else, we’re women. So, in the words of Alejandra Remón (@alejandraremon), we want to say:

  • Marina Privat

    In Gigi Vives’s office

    Gigi Vives, with Danish roots, is one of the top influencers in the country. Her relationship with fashion is not just a passion, it’s her true calling. Apart from her critical and analytical vision, she is also an avid follower of trends. That said, she always adds her own unique personal touch and you can […]

  • Marina Privat

    Sweet dreams, Marc

    Now that you’ve seen the living and dining rooms, you must be wondering what Marc Forné’s bedroom is like! We sneaked in and now we’re going to share the most intimate part of the home of one of the top fashion influencers.

  • admin-i2tic

    This is NOT another boring list about what to read

    Whether you’ve vowed to read more this year, or you’re someone who devours books, this will be of interest to you. Here are some options to encourage you to read more, discover new titles or even recommenders. Ready?

  • admin-i2tic

    Sandra Rojo, Photographs with soul

    Courage, action and passion, but also strength and a positive attitude towards life: this is what the color red represents. And it’s no coincidence that these are qualities possessed by Sandra Rojo (Rojo is Spanish for red). For Sandra, photography is as much her profession as it is her calling in life. She’s a woman […]

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