Wall colours and ideas for your living room

Written by: Paula Gelabert

There are endless choices of colours for your living rooms, we’ve created this guide to make it easier. Bet on colours that make your living room feel more spacious, that brighten it up and create a welcoming environment, always following the style of your furniture and décor.
Keep reading these ideas to paint your living room and it will never be the same.


grey living room ideas

Neutral tones, a safe bet

Neutral tones, from white to grey, are a great choice for your living room walls. They match perfectly with any type of decoration and can be combined with many other colours. Your living room will feel cleaner, elegant and bigger. So, if you have a small living room, they will be your best friend. Minimal style, here we go!


light grey living room

Warm tones, welcoming living room

If you want to create a welcoming environment, warm tones like beige, brown or earth colours will be perfect for your walls. Dark brown, for example, is a safe choice to make your living room feel unique, so you won’t need to use a lot of decoration to spice it up.


green living room ideas

Relax zone, cool tones

Cool tones as green or blue will make any small living room feel more spacious. These colours are perfect to add a chill out vibe and connect your room with nature. An easy way to level up the style of your room is adding some wall décor that matches perfectly with the colour of your walls.


beige pink blue wallpaper

Oh, and have you thought about adding some wallpaper? We talked about it in one of our latest posts and they are an excellent way to upgrade your living room. Currently, we have 4 collections to choose from, with neutral, warm or cool tones. It’s up to you.
Now that you are an expert, pick the colour that most goes with you, it can also have a good impact on your mood.

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