Children have an amazing ability to dream up powerful imaginary stories. Little ones use their imaginations to create everything from new worlds to grand battles. The tribe refers to the casts of “real” characters that inhabit their colourful stories, and of course includes their best friends: the animals. In this collection, figures in the style of cave paintings and drawings are the strongly represented.


The birthplace of creativity: inside the cave

No matter how small their room may be, decoration is essential if you want to create a comforting, nest-like sensation and environment. Want to know how save space and create that type of bedroom? All you need to do is maximise the potential of the walls, bedlinen, and floor.


Adventures guaranteed

Time to read, paint and have fun. The play room is the starting point for every worthwhile expedition. Nature and animals play a key role in their stories and our soft furnishings alike, and if they’ve got a companion for their adventures, they’ll be setting off with success guaranteed.


The tribe and friends

Welcome to the tribe! is all about turning their space into a place for adventure, where they can rest, learn, play and grow, surrounded by their own imaginary world that they can fill with ideas and inspiration from their real environment. Animals and cave paintings take centre stage in this collection.


Where better for your kids to recreate their adventures than a space filled with these prints? Discover the collection here.

Jan. 3, 2022, 1:13 p.m.