Set of 2 Mash planters with black metal handle Ø 25 cm and Ø 16,5 cm

46 €

Let’s be honest. A good planter should have some style of its own. And the Mash set brings plenty to the party. Your plants will look stunning against the black finish and become a designer focal point for your whole space.

Buy now and receive it between 27/07 and 29/07
Take it anywhere

Use the handles to move your plants around. They need sunshine, don’t forget, so it’s easy to find the perfect spot.

Metalheads, unite

Metal is here to stay. From classic living rooms to the most avant-garde or eclectic interiors, metal continues to enjoy a warm welcome.

More plants, more style

The Mash collection features different planters in various sizes and designs to suit your houseplant collection.

Technical specifications