Payment methods


Payment for an online order is made at the time of the order.

The Customer may make their payment exclusively by the following methods: bank card, PayPal, Amazon Payments or bank transfer.

Payments made on the website are carried out via the secured SSL 3.0 system, so that the shared information is crypted by software and no third party may access it. This is an obligation of means to Kavehome, and the latter is not responsible for any third-party hacking of data shared by the Customer.

  • • A Customer who makes their payment by bank card will be directed to the payment platform of the financial insitution, operating partner of payment services.
  • • A Customer who makes their payment with PayPal will by directed to the PayPal platform, where they can carry out their payment securely and quickly via their personal PayPal account, without sharing bank details with Kavehome.
  • • A Customer who uses the Amazon Payments service will be directed to the Amazon platform, where they may carry out their payment securely, quickly and simply. The payment and shipping information will be stored securely on your Amazon Payments account, and you will be able to access it to pay your order on the Kavehome website.
  • • A customer may also pay with Apple Pay through Apple devices.
  • • A Customer who makes their payment by bank transfer must make their purchase by ticking this option. They must then make the transfer of the order total to the account number specified at the time of the purchase, an account number which is also sent by email upon order confirmation. If the transfer is not made within 10 days, the order will be cancelled, and we will also cancel the reservation of the ordered article(s).