Kave Home Madrid

T'obrim les portes de casa, la nostra, però també la teva.
Perquè en aquesta casa hi ha lloc per a tothom. Nice to meet you!

Veure en el mapa

We landed in the capital, on Calle Hermosilla, 13.
In the heart of the city, in the Salamanca district.​

10m2 of showcase to receive you. Come in. Pass. Be comfortable.
​First impression counts.

More than 700m² divided into three floors full of furniture and decoration.
What else?​

The most intimate area of the store we have dedicated to rest.
Let’s dream!

Meet & Coffee. We have allocated the best area of the store to our customers,
so you can have a coffee while looking at our entire catalog.

More than 40 new products every week
So many options​

Terraces for city lovers.
​35m² to know all the news from outside. ​

We have a space dedicated by and for professionals.
Sala Kave Pro.​​