White is the main colour of most kitchens. It’s clean, bright and makes it all look more spacious. If you are on the white kitchen team, we suggest you go a step further to make the most of it with colour. Are you looking for some kitchen inspiration? We’ve got plenty ideas! Keep reading to discover them.

Wood, a kitchen must-have

Finding wooden chopping boards is more than easy. But let’s choose unique ones to use them as serving boards and awe your guests with a delicatessen dinner. It’s completely worth it! Once you get one of our boards, in any size or shape, you’ll get our point.

From a white kitchen to a bicolour one

We know that life is full of grey tonalities, but allow your kitchen to be black and white. It’s a safe bet. The Djene collection has everything you’ll need; all kitchen accessories have gone to the dark side. Also, your salads will look more colorful than ever! Hey, Instagrammers, no filter needed!

In small kitchens or island ones, choose design

Don’t know where to start? First, decide what materials and colours talk about your style; wood, marble or glass, light or dark colours, neutral or original designs. In our last post about kitchen décor you have some ideas to help you define how to get the perfect kitchen look.

Breakfast and snacks in your kitchen

We all love to have our own space. Make your kitchen also a nice place to be in. Weekends are for enjoying coffee and reading the newspaper, this is the perfect opportunity to choose a table and white chairs to upgrade it. Have you seen the Lotus table collection? It’s an amazing option!

White tiles, a classic will always work

In most cases, white tiles and furniture are the main choice in kitchen design. Perfect for adding colourful aprons, mittens, tablecloths, napkins and table runners. Change them for trendy colours or for seasonal tones, accessories are key to make it unique, as the rest of your home. It’s completely clear to us; whoever has a white kitchen, has a treasure. Discover the endless choices that you have and make the most of it.

July 9, 2020, 1:02 p.m.