Sometimes you can´t succeed in styling your living room like you had imagined, no matter how hard you try. But, stay calm! You are not the only one with this struggle and with these simple ideas you can give the professional touch to your interior that makes your living room like one in a magazine!

To achieve a well designed interior, you must pay attention to details: a well-chosen focal point, accessories that harmonize with the rest and also the power of repetition. Follow these steps, copied from professional interior stylists, and create the living room of your dreams.


A focal point is the point in the room where all eyes will be pointed on first, it is the centre of attention. Without a focal point, there will be something missing to draw the attention to and the room can get boring. But watch out, it is also not good if there are too many outstanding items in one room. The presence of a focal point in your room depends on the styling of your interior. The focal point can be a corner of your room, a window or a striking lamp. Whatever it may be, you have to style the room in a way that makes this focal point the star of your living room.


Creating a rhythm helps, so try to repeat one element or design a few times in your living room. For example, a coffee table and a side table that match or two mirrors or two lamps that are alike. These items don´t have to be identical, a same style with different proportions can do the job.


Give your interior a twist by adding a special piece, like a designer item that screams luxury and differentiates itself from the rest of your furniture. This can be an extra piece of furniture, an armchair or a stunning lamp. A special change instead of a lot of change is the key. By shifting the focus to a special piece, you can create a totally different effect within the interior of your living room.


This is not so much about picking green furniture, but more about adding plants to your interior. Plants bring life into every room and their natural character adds contrast and balance to outspoken furniture designs. The picture above shows how the green of the plants, both from the painting as the real ones, add life to the scene and make the room a lot more interesting.


They are one of the most versatile and budget-friendly accessories, so taking advantage of that seems like a good idea. Pillows offer comfort, colour and you can easily replace them after a while. Combine mono-coloured pillows with ones with a print and play with colour and texture to create a dynamic and striking set. A good combination of pillows is the perfect addition to a neutral coloured sofa.


Carpets are a great addition: they create a feeling of home and add warmth to your room. Also, they help with dividing your room into different spaces. Decide, depending on the size of your room, how many carpets you add. You can add more to a larger room and just one to a smaller room. Choose the size that fits the room and make sure that it suits your furniture. Don´t let the different seasons hold you back, because there are summer and winter carpets. A change of carpet with the change of seasons is perfect to give your living room a make-over.


A living room speaks when it´s full of details and reflections of the people who live in it, there taste and their lifestyle. Don´t be afraid to take risks and to try-out things that you love, even when they don´t follow the latest trends. If you are able to showcase your character within your interior, with personal items or homemade accessories, it will always be right. This personal touch to your interior will make you very happy!

9 Jul 2020, 9:55 a.m.