Illustrator and content creator Patricia Agüero, also known as @patriciasinprisa, shows us how to refresh our bedroom decor with a few little changes.

1 An eye-catching headboard

Because it takes up the most space, your bed is, naturally, the star item the room. As a result, choosing a bed requires careful thought if we want to turn a room that’s a little ‘meh’ into one that feels more welcoming. First of all, we need our feature item to be a headboard that fits the overall theme of the decor we’ve chosen. Once we’ve identified this key piece, we can use soft furnishings, bedlinen, cushions, blankets, etc. to take the look to the next level. So without further ado, let’s get stuck in!

I chose the Lalita headboard in rattan, which I think looks gorgeous and reminds me of my childhood. We had lot of rattan furniture back then so this adds the personal touch I wanted. It's a natural, boho look, which I love.

2 Make your bed for a put-together look

With the headboard in place, we can now pick out our bedlinen. Choosing bedlinen with care and attention will give our bedroom a much more put-together look and show that we've decorated it with care. I tend to recommend bedlinen and colours that stand out a little from the colour palette used in the room. That’s why I chose the Ibelis set in terracotta then combined it with cushions and a throw in neutral colours to help them stand out.

3. Little decorative details

What makes decorating fun is experimenting with colours and textures until you find the look you like most and that best matches your style. Trying out different materials, colours and everything. And enjoying yourself is the most important thing.

As you can see, these tips are nothing crazy or overly complicated. They’re little ideas and tricks that can help take your bedroom up a level and turn it into a place that says hey, why not stay here a little longer?

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5 Apr 2021, 10 a.m.