If you want to decorate your daughter’s bedroom and aren’t sure where to start, this blog is about to answer all your questions. Before you get stuck in, there are a few things to think about. What does she like? What will she get up to in her room? Is it a shared room? With these 10 simple ideas for decorating a girl’s bedroom, you’ll appreciate how essential it is for your child to love her room and want to spend hours and hours in it.


1. Technicolour walls

Wallpaper is a great way to create a look that’s original and a bit different. Fill your little one’s room with fun shapes and colour courtesy of the various prints we’ve created at Kave Home.


2. Create a magical space

Decorative elements such as bunting and garlands can make a big impact. You can conjure up a magical, colourful effect with very little, and she’ll love the result.


3. Upgrade her play area

A play area wouldn’t be complete without a rug. With fun and colourful shapes, it’ll be a great playmate as well as offering a warm and cosy fabric to sit on.


4. All the cushions

Fill her bed – and the whole room – with cushions. They’re great for relaxing on or for scattering on the floor as another element to play with. Mix and match shapes, colours and prints to make things even more lively and fun.


5. Decorative pictures and vinyls

A wall can become a blank canvas for us to fill with colour. Choose pictures with different images and messages to match the mood you want to create and complement them with decorative vinyls for the walls that she can draw on with chalk. As well as decorating her space, it’ll give her imagination and creativity a boost.


6. Soft and pleasant colours

Let’s leave the stereotypes to one side because there’s no reason for a little girl’s bedroom to be pink. Pastel colours come in an array of soft and appealing shades such as grey, beige, lilac, green or yellow and you can add colourful details via decorative accessories such as fabrics.


7. A place for everything

Books, toys, clothes... show her how to keep everything organised and in its place with furniture such as chests of drawers or hangers at her height, as well as baskets – as well as being very practical, they also add to the look.


8. Mirror, mirror...

She’s the fairest of them all, of course. Give her a reminder every day with our mirrors for kids – the fun shapes will blend in with the overall look of the room.


9. Her own space

A tipi is always a safe bet. It’ll become her favourite place to play and hide away, making up as many stories as her imagination has room for.


10. The lightbulb moment

Our portable lamps are designed to keep up with them. As well as carrying it wherever she likes, the brightness can be adjusted to suit the moment.

June 7, 2021, 11:08 a.m.