The watchword of farmhouse style is practicality. It's the key to decorating your home in a way that works for every day but without forgetting to transmit a sense of warmth and comfort. Here we’re going to give you some tips for creating a rustic, country style that feels like stepping into a welcoming farmhouse. Read on...

Farmhouse = the beauty of old things

Vintage pieces have sentimental value and a story that fills us with positive energy. Farmhouse style means keeping hold of those traditional pieces of furniture and homewares and complementing them with new ones to express your style – the perfect mixture of classic and contemporary.


Farmhouse = perfectly imperfect

Farmhouse décor is also about creating a relaxed lifestyle that doesn’t over-think things. That’s why we recommend playing around with your furniture and decoration – it doesn’t all need to be from the same collection or set. Continuously combining different designs is what makes this style so authentic.

For example, if you find a cup you like, just add it to your collection without worrying whether its colours or design match. As the years go by, you can keep adding more any time you see a cup that takes your fancy, creating one happy jumble that’s full of memories. Just go with the flow.

Natural materials wherever you go

Natural materials will help you connect with your surroundings and feel much more at home. Wood and natural fibres are a great way to create that rustic sensation that defines country houses. Such as walls in subtle earth tones. Sober, practical designs are all you need to create your own farmhouse decoration.

And don’t forget that this style is based on relaxing and letting things happen, without worrying about decorating rules. If you like something and it makes you feel good, why not have it in your home?

What is Country Kitsch?

Country Kitsch is the opposite of farmhouse style. Kitsch is all about the principle of “more is more” – adding knick knacks for purely decorative purposes to achieve a countryside look, with little concern for the emotional and practical aspects.

For example, going to a shop and buying all your furniture and decoration on the same way and putting a picture of farm animals over the fireplace just because it feels a bit rustic – without stopping to think whether you actually like it. Kitsch would create an illusion of that style without really embracing its basic principles.

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June 3, 2021, 8 a.m.