Gigi Vives, with Danish roots, is one of the top influencers in the country. Her relationship with fashion is not just a passion, it’s her true calling. Apart from her critical and analytical vision, she is also an avid follower of trends. That said, she always adds her own unique personal touch and you can see this in all the content she generates. A really interesting mix that she combines with other passions, such as beauty or interior design and decoration.

Gigi and her team have been looking for a work space for some time, and they found the perfect place: a small penthouse with a terrace in the heart of Barcelona. The aim of this project was to create an environment in which she could feel at home and get away from the traditional concept of an office.

An open space that benefits communication and positivity, only separated by a black metal and glass wall that closes off the meeting area.

Both the glass walls and the aged wooden floors show the two styles that live side-by-side in the office: glam and industrial design with a Nordic flair.

The entrance is presided over by one of our hallmark pieces: the Debra sofa. Upholstered in an elegant dark blue velvet fabric, it is a key element in the decoration for the space; without a shadow of a doubt.

The central part is made up of two solid-wood tables with a metal structure that are paired up with a bench from the same collection and comfy Amira chair.

The coffee zone has a lot of storage space thanks to the Uxia sideboard and the Mobela shelf. In such a small place, this was a crucial requirement in order to get everything organised.

The meeting room follows the same glam style of the entrance. Velvet, glass and gold are 3 elements that define this really cool area.

However, the influencer’s favourite spot is the terrace. Having a few square metres of outdoor space is an absolute luxury in Barcelona. In this space, designed for relaxing and spending time with friends, a very soft natural style has been chosen with green notes and elements made out of natural fibres, cords and solid wood. Perfect for a summer roof party right in the city centre.

Do you also want to get Gigi Vives’s office look? You can find all of the furniture and decorations here.

July 9, 2020, 12:05 p.m.