Whether you’re eating with friends, your other half or your family, we’ve rounded up all the best ideas to leave them open-mouthed. You take care of the cooking, we'll share the secrets to a perfect table.


The colours

The first step is to think about the colour palette you want to use for styling the space, then we can choose the right tablecloth and tableware. If you’re undecided, go for creamy tones. They’ll go with anything and create the perfect restaurant-style backdrop.


The tableware

For your plates and dishes, go for a bold mix of colour. There’s no need to choose everything in the same shade. In fact, it’s much more unique and original if you combine different colours. We suggest choosing up to three different types of plate.

The tablecloth

If your table looks good on its own, there’s no need to cover it up. If you want to avoid scratching it or damaging it with your plates and drinks, try a runner. It’ll give you the protection you need while leaving the table on show.


The cutlery

Put out a different a set of cutlery to the one you use every day. Why not try a gold- or bronze-coloured knives and forks? They’ll look stunning at night, that’s for sure.



For your drinks. Wine always looks best in a transparent glass. For the rest, why not try glasses in different colours? Another option is to pick some made from tinted glass in different shades, like our Y glasses.


Table centrepieces

You could add a bunch of flowers or a candle in the centre of the table. If it’s spring or summer, there’s one idea that I absolutely love as it adds a big burst of light and is completely in sync with the season. Arrange a round table centrepiece with a large candle in the middle and lemons in the empty space. Refreshing or what? It’ll look great in the middle of your guests.

Et voilà! Now that we’ve got the table set, all you need to do is put these tips into practice... and get cooking.

If you’re not sure what to prepare for the dinner, cook three super simple recipes: salmorejo, mussels in escabeche y lemon pie. You’re going to make a seriously good impression.

June 8, 2021, noon