As warm weather arrives, your house starts crying out for a new summer look. Here are all our tips for decorating your home for summer and achieving a fresher, more natural vibe. Take note and start enjoying the summery side of your home.

This summer’s big colour is...

Let’s start by taking a look at our existing colour palette. We recommend switching to lighter, more natural tones. One option that’ll never lets you down is white – create a clean, fresh and feel-good interior in an instant. And if you combine it with blue and navy accents, you can achieve that Mediterranean look we can’t get enough of. Let Mykonos come to you without leaving your sofa.

Change your fabrics for summer

Soft furnishings should be breathable and natural. Your go-to fabrics include cotton, jute and linen. Natural fibres will also help you curate a space that feels fresh. Add a jute rug and swap your sofa cushions for something more colourful and summery. Did you know that our Blok sofa has also got a new look this summer? With the new linen covers, you can make your Blok even more fresh and modern. Just wait til you see the results! Say yes to sustainability this summer and keep it going all year round.


Here’s how to organise your space

Reviewing your space is another important step. For the summer, we’re big fans of fresh interiors with few distractions. Look around your home and pick some of the darker, larger items to store away. The idea is to curate a well-lit interior, so mirrors can be a great way to compensate if your windows are on the small side.

Let’s talk décor

A picture, a couple of plants and a vase are all you need for a quick style update. Choose your favourite colour palette and create your own mural using pictures, panels and mirrors. Plants and vases are an instant way to bring nature indoors and freshen up the space. No home should be without them! Add the final touch with scented candles and diffusers. Put one in your hallway and light a candle in your bedroom to enjoy the scent of summer.

To the table, your star item

Having friends over for dinner is what makes summer, summer. Surprise them with pretty, colourful tableware like Midori or Odalin. These collections will also help decorate your kitchen and give it a chic new twist. To set the table properly, choose a colourful jug and vivid napkins and tablecloth. Who needs to eat outside? Not us!

Create a house that oozes freshness, cool and seaside vibes with our new pieces. Discover our most summery collection courtesy of Mediterranean Feeling or curate a neutral, sustainable feeling with Naturally Handmade.

July 19, 2021, 11:44 a.m.