For summer or winter, inside or out, the bedroom, bathroom, and living room... the point is, we’re addicted to rugs and we keep it no secret. From warm ambiances in an instant to sublime softness underfoot, rugs win every time. But if choosing the right material for your rug looks like a daunting task, read on to find out what will look good where.

Types of rug:

Here we’ll take a closer look at all the different types of materials available - specifically, natural fibres versus synthetic materials.

Natural fibre rugs: As the name suggests, this category includes rugs made from any kind of natural material, such as wool, jute, and cotton.

Synthetic rugs: This category basically covers all rugs made from acrylics or polyester.

Now that we’re clear on the different types of materials, we’re going to explore the key differences between them to help you make the right choice for each space in your home. Let’s get started!


Advantages and disadvantages of natural rugs:

Did you know that natural fibres absorb excess moisture in the air and even help restore it when the atmosphere is very dry? This in itself may be the determining factor in your choice of rug. Not only this, but they are also considered great thermal insulators. One down side is that they tend to be slightly more bland on the design front to keep them -well- natural looking!

Natural rugs are of course planet-friendly rugs. We definitely have a soft spot for natural fibres because they are made of recyclable materials. So if you’re heart is set on keeping things green, these are the perfect choice for you.

Our natural fibre rugs:

The majority of our natural fibre rugs are made of hand-braided jute. The materials used to produce them are biodegradable, leaving zero waste for the planet. See all models:


Advantages and disadvantages of synthetic rugs:

Unlike their natural counterparts, synthetic rugs bring us a whole range of vibrant colours and designs to choose from. Plus points include their high durability and very easy to clean and maintain nature. Our PET rugs are sustainable. No doubt you’ve already come across our extensive range of rugs made of PET. In all shapes and sizes - round, square, rectangular, big or small, striped, with geometric shapes... We love them all! There are more and more designs available. But the best part is that they are eco-friendly, made from 100% recycled plastic recovered from the ocean.

These designs are particularly resistant because this material is based on plastic. Plus they are very easy to clean and ideal for both interior and exterior spaces. And undoubtedly, they are living proof that synthetic materials can also be planet-friendly. Discover all our models available.

Now that you’re au courant on the different types of materials, check out our wide range of rugs and choose the one for you!

July 19, 2021, 9 a.m.