We have to admit it, we have a soft spot for dreamy country home interiors. What is it about them? They’ve got all the magic ingredients – a cosy cottage to luxuriate in, surrounded by scenic green landscape. Read on and we’ll take you on a journey to the countryside, so sit back and breathe in that fresh country air!


Rustic cottage décor

Country cottages always bring to mind organic rustic décor based on natural materials such as wood or rattan.

We love to keep things simple by adding light-coloured wooden furniture to achieve a bright, spacious feel. It’s our favourite trick for small cottages! But if your heart is set on the look and feel of dark furniture, black can work just as well and always gives a touch of class. When it comes to the décor elements, close your eyes and think natural. To give you an idea, take a look at the Malla water hyacinth ceiling light, our Thai baskets and our Melya or Melisa wall decorations in solid mungur wood. See what we mean? Connect with nature on all levels.


That modern 'cottagecore' style

As you’ve probably noticed, we’re big advocates of expressing your personality through your interior décor. This will be the key to achieving that inexplicable feeling of homely bliss in your country cottage. Modern design is precisely that – expressing yourself through your interior design, rather than settling on the purely conventional.

Maybe you love some rustic charm, so why not use that as a backdrop? Complement it with more modern accessories and play around with your design theme a little.

Choose natural furniture that brings in some on-trend shades, such as our Nina chairs in terracotta (this season’s big colour) and combine them with unique and original accessories such as the Dusnela teapot or Murielle vases. The whole idea is to give your imagination free rein, so mix & match to your heart’s content! If your country home is used for weekend getaways and holidays, you can let your design streak take over because you won’t easily get fed up with the décor. Get creative.


Country home exteriors

The exterior of a country home is often one of its greatest assets. So how can you make the most of it? The sunset over the landscape is already there for you, so all you’ll need are some comfy outdoor sofas, tables and chairs, and to invite your friends over to enjoy the views.

Textiles such as cushions and rugs will help you achieve a state of zen to complete the look. Our favourites are made from PET, a material made from recycled plastic bottles recovered from the ocean – a planet-friendly option that will bring warmth and colour to your exterior. Have you seen the Dalila collection? Perfect for discovering the power of PET.

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May 4, 2021, 2:29 p.m.