A hallway is the perfect opportunity to prove that any space can be a showcase for the latest design trends. Transform that ‘tunnel’ look into a catwalk with the wow factor. There’s a stylish solution for even the narrowest passageway.


A place to remember

And rightly so. As well as framing great memories, the Luah and Flavina photo frames will give your hallway a style that’s impossible to forget. You can create different compositions along the length of the hallway, mixing and matching the finishes, sizes and positions of the frames. Get creative!


A passage through art

The hallway is a high-traffic area where you can show off your passion for art and design. Hang pictures here that best express your taste, with organic shapes in different colours, geometric designs or hyperreal paintings. Take a risk and group different pictures with similar colours together or choose one XXL print.


The height of design...

There’s a place for great design in even the narrowest passageways. All you need to do is look up. Put up an unusual, striking ceiling light or place several along your hallway to fill it with a stylish glow. Whatever your choice, make sure it’s green. Our lightbulbs are LED and compatible with our lamps. They last longer and consume less energy, making them ideal for the planet and your pocket.


... or design at your feet

Adding colour as well as comfort, rugs are an excellent resource for hallways. Choose rugs made from natural fibres such as cotton or wool. The former are ideal for your feet, thanks to their hypoallergenic material while the latter provide thermal and acoustic insulation. Ideal for any day of the year.

Feb. 15, 2021, 11:03 a.m.