The new Joncols collection is an exclusive design from Made Studio for Kave Home. Its organic, rounded forms are inspired by pebbles, stones of the river, and mean it blends into its environment while adding style. Uniting comfort and style? We've done it. We interview designers Laura Ros and Borja García to hear about all the secrets behind the collection.


Where did the inspiration to create the Joncols collection come from?

The outdoor space is always one to relax in, to get together with those we love, and of celebration. We were looking to create a collection of products that would invite you to strengthen those experiences from a place of both originality and familiarity. That means we wanted a friendly, intimate, product that was soft on the eye and to the touch, perfect for integrating into any space and always comfortable.

How can we see this inspiration in the design of the products?

We wanted to integrate the idea of a basket, filled with rounded cushions like smooth stones. That was appealing to us. Objects that would play with each other while being very simple and recognisable by anyone, which would result in a product that would be simple, familiar, and friendly at the same time.


How would you describe the design and development process of the Joncols collection?

We wanted to design a very stripped back structure, but one that possessed a lot of personality at the same time, taking special care of the back and sides of the product. Indoors, sofas are usually glued to the wall, but outdoors these rules disappear and compositions are much freer and open to moving around. That means the backs of those products must have special attention paid to them.


What's your favourite piece from the Joncols collection and why?

To us, the armchair is emblematic of the collection, being a clean piece that sums up the intention behind the project and shows the unique details of the structure. Other than that, we just think it's beautiful.

Which materials and manufacturing techniques have been used to create the products from the collection?

In outdoor spaces, environmental conditions can be punishing over time, especially close to the sea. Humidity, salt residue... they corrode almost everything. For that reason the collection is 100% welded aluminium, without any screw joints and with thermo-lacquered, sun resistant finishes in colour that lasts throughout its lifespan. On the other hand, all the fabrics are water-resistant and fast-drying, meaning you can use them outdoors in all the conditions that come with doing so.


How do you think the collection will be received? What types of environment do you anticipate people creating with these products?

For us, Joncols is a simple collection that has a lot of character, which immediately displays its playful nature. We hope most people recognise the same. We're always playing on the fine line between discretion and identity. We try to make products that have their own distinct features but aren't over the top, so that they fit in almost any space and environment. At the same time, there's something about all of them that makes a significant contribution.


How is it different to the design of other furniture and décor on the market?

Joncols is approachable, sincere, with a lot of attention paid to its details. It maintains a delicate balance between freshness and serenity and has a very clear, logical identity. Every touch has a concrete purpose. It's an answer to a problem, one solved by a constructive, aesthetic act. It's like the DNA in each of us, a combination of chromosomes that makes us unique and irreplaceable, however much we may seem alike.

Discover all the pieces from the Joncols collection here.

March 23, 2023, 8:47 a.m.