Did you know that working from home can boost your creativity in lots of ways? Discover our selection and create a practical, stylish and cosy space with the right lighting – essential if you want to be productive and feel comfortable all day. Here are our tricks to achieving the perfect workspace at home.

Choose a suitable spot

The first step is to find your spot. A whole room would be ideal but don’t worry if you’re short on space – you can set up your home office in quietest part of your home and where everything you need can be close to hand. First, choose the desk where you’ll be working and make sure that it suits your needs.

Stay ahead of the latest looks

If you want to have everything in sight and within reach, the Working desk has the ideal storage space on top so you can keep your essentials in style. You’ll love its modern design, too.

Elegance, also for desks

For the tiniest spaces, the Burano desk is the perfect match. Classy and light, this piece is ideal for small rooms – transparency is the crucial decorating trick for adding brightness and a sense of spaciousness.

A rustic and natural space

We’ve all dreamed of a plant-filled workspace that feels like the outdoors inside. The wooden Tikal Desk and its rustic design are perfect to making that fantasy office a reality.

Discover the perfect chair

A good chair is key to feeling comfortable and on top of things at work. Choosing a well-designed piece will save you from stiffness and aches, so go for one that adapts to you, particularly when it comes to your weight or height. The Rail swivel chair and the Tangier have padded backrests and seats as well as height and back adjusters. Just what you were looking for, right? If you’re looking for a Scandi-style chair, Ralf will be a perfect fit for your home office. It has the power to adapt to any style and surrounding, in your house or workplace. Remember, sitting well is the first step to being productive.

The more natural light, the better!

Lighting is an important quality that’ll ensure better concentration and productivity. Move your workspace near a window to make the most of daylight and get a white light like the Sausalito lamp, with a movable shade to focus it where you need it and a pen holder to keep all your office supplies to hand. Our tip: always place your table lamp on the opposite side to your dominant hand to avoid shadows. Or why not save space with a wall lamp? Check out Dione! Technology-wise, LED lights will save energy and last longer. And don’t forget that a dimly-lit space is bad for your sight and will make you feel unfocused.

Organise, organise, organise

Done! Now we have all of our office essentials: a table, a chair and a lamp and it’s time to focus our attention on the accessories that’ll keep everything organised and help decorate the space to your taste. A good idea is to arrange baskets under the table – the Words basket is a very practical way to keep everything out of sight. You could also use your walls to hang shelves like Catrina and decorate it with photos or illustrations. If you can’t put things up on your walls, the Strahan trolley can be used as a side table to complete your office look. Working from home has multiple pros, such saving time saving and making work flexible. Take note of our tips and tricks and let it flow!

July 9, 2020, 12:36 p.m.