Citronella scented candle in green 750 g

A 750 g scented candle with a duration of 50 hours.
Glass container that be reused or recycled.
This fragrance is available as a scented candle or diffuser sticks.
At Kave Home we offer a range of different fragrances.
Citronella scented candle in orange 750 gCitronella scented candle in green 750 g
Your time is your own

This candle has a duration of 50 hours so you can enjoy it whenever and wherever you like. How you spend your time, and especially your “me time”, is up to you.

A secure container

The container is made from glass to keep the surface below it clean. It’s also designed to be reused or recycled once you’ve finished with it.

A world in every one

We connect with ourselves when we take a moment to unwind. Every essence is different so you can choose the right one for you.

Product specification