Eva mattress 160 x 200 cm

It will only take 2 days before it gets to you. Once you open it up, wait a full day before it reaches its original shape.
You have up to 100 nights to make sure you made the right decision. If you don’t love it you can return it for free.
We have the Santized® certificate, which assures hygiene and protects from bacteria.
The Oeko Tex® certificate guarantees that the materials don’t contain any harmful substances and that the product has been produced safely and is environmentally conscious.
Our mattresses are made in Europe, without any intermediary. We reduce costs and assure maximum quality.

This mattress has a removable and washable cover and a second cover to assure maximum hygiene.


Thanks to the Adaptive-Soft Foam 25 kg. and Adaptive-Hard Foam 25 kg. technology, this mattress is ergonomic and supports your entire body.


The lower cover of this mattress is made with a 3D breathable and anti-slip fabric to assure stability and easy maintenance.

Product specification