The best moments get cooked in the kitchen. That is what our kitchen collection is all about, we have created an accessories collection that will help you achieve the kitchen you have always dreamed of. Take note, here’s the perfect recipe.

Our new collection is here to take the spotlight on your meal prep. To make your table look like the ones in restaurants you’ll need our designs. Ready? Let’s start with the Azalea teak wood 2-placemat set, resistant to moisture and made to be long lasting. The perfect instagrammable background to your plates. Caution, nobody will be able to keep from taking a photo before eating. Also, like the rest of the placemats, it’s flexible, and can be folded over when stored, occupying less space.

Ceramic dinnerware, classic or original?

We are here to make your dreams come true and, if you’ve always loved ceramic dinnerware, this is your collection. Decorate your table with this set to make it stand out. Every piece is unique thanks to the manual enamelling process. Get a classic but trendy look with the Zain collection. Make it colourful! Blue, green, beige... Adding colour to your table has never been easier. Choose your favourite or get the whole collection to guarantee stylish dinners, from the starters to coffee time.

For your day to day and celebrations

Small details that will make memorable meals. Clear plates and glasses are a classic, we go a step further. If you have always loved classical glassware, here you have our selection of transparent glasses. We know that they have always been a must. Imagine getting an even better version. Shh! Did you know that adding textures to its design makes them level up to fit any occasion? Get the Tali glass to assure an amazing solution for last-minute guests! From an informal dinner, to special events. Your daily routine can also be stylish. Our glassware is also available in colorful options for those who prefer a more personal and original style.

The top accessory for every kitchen is...

Chopping boards are a kitchen essential piece and the perfect ally to display your favourite meal. Make sure to have a serving board in your kitchen and it will help you achieve a crushing victory in unexpected dinners at home. You just need good wine and skills to lay the cheese over one of our boards. Touché! The Ledy serving board is made of acacia wood, specifically from the central part of the log. An original piece that will help you connect your kitchen to nature. If you love it as much as we do, you can also use it as a mat. Without doubt, it can adapt to every situation, rustic or urban, it will be ideal everywhere! Whether you eat healthy or fast food, you can easily level up the look of your meals. Furnish your table with the Yanila bowl, made of solid wood. You can also get it in a smaller version or have it in both sizes for different types of meals. Finally, we launch our cutlery collection. If eating is one of life’s great pleasures, why not make it in perfect conditions? Choose between one of our sets, and their different finishes, and complete them with the matching salad and cake cutlery sets. From now on, your best recipes will go with the best style. Hey, instagramers! With these sets, your foodie stories won’t need filters. Here you have all the “ingredients”, the rest is up to you. With our kitchen collection you’ll get cutting boards, pots and jars, aprons and mittens and a selection of pieces that will help you achieve the ideal kitchen, practical, functional and with the trendiest details and accessories. The perfect kitchen assistants do exist!

9 juli 2020 13:01