Patry Montero & Álex Adróver

Keeping up with Patry Montero and Álex Adróver is quite a challenge. She’s a presenter, actress and yoga teacher, he’s an actor, singer, presenter and avid foodie. They recently published a book together and love spending time with daughters Lis and Layla. Let's take a peek into the home and lifestyle of this artistic couple.

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Less is more

Patry and Álex define their style as functional and practical. At home, they like to stick to the essentials that make their frenetic lifestyle work. That’s why the heart of their home is the open plan living room-kitchen that opens onto the terrace. One open-plan space divided into several areas – a living room, home office and kitchen.

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The magic sofa

Patry and Alex told us that the Blok sofa is their most important item of furniture, and shared the story of when daughter Layla decided to christen it by drawing on it with a ballpoint pen. What mum and dad didn’t realise was that this fabric was prepared for such eventualities – thanks to its easy-clean finish, all it took was a wipe with a damp cloth for the stain to magically disappear.

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"I spend many hours sitting down and I’m fascinated by the chairs and stools we’ve chosen for the living room/kitchen. They're so comfortable!"


Darlyn to the rescue

Patry has been practising yoga for more than 10 years. It’s not easy to keep tidy and find a place to lay her mat with two whirlwinds at home. Luckily, the Darlyn tipi is there to lend a hand as a fun playmate for all kinds of games.

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Creative engines

With so many plates spinning, a home office was a must. The Nadyria desk and Savoi shelves offered everything Patry and Alex needed to complete their workspace. And the Polke mirror has given the space a whole new look, adding a bit of wow factor for minimum effort.

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A place in the sun

This couple loves to spend time on the terrace, drinking coffee and soaking up the sun (Although some more than others – Patry is a self-confessed sun worshipper).



Step into the world of Patry Montero and Álex Adróver

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Step into the world of Patry Montero and Álex Adróver

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