Candles and stick diffusers

The best way to say hello to spring is to fill your home with fresh fragrances that evoke the natural world. Discover the new limited edition collection of candles and stick diffusers.

Home Fragrances

These three candles are all you need to enjoy the scent of spring and summer whenever you like.

Fruit Tree


Light up our Fruit Tree scented candle and let its aroma of basil, geranium and tomato leaves bring nature indoors.

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Floral Sense


Thanks to the flowery notes of Floral Sense, you can refresh the energy and aroma of any room. Bring out the authentic, natural side of your home.

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Peaches & Cream


Take a trip to the Caribbean without leaving your house thanks to the Peaches & Cream scented candle, with peach and apricot.

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Touch of blossom

Let Touch of Blossom help you reconnect with your essence and melt all your tensions away, filling you up with good energy thanks to its light, gentle notes of rose, iris and a touch of orange.

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Thanks to its combination of lemon, mandarin and violet notes, the Lemonade scented candle is the perfect way to fill your home with freshness. Enjoy summery vibes every day.

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Blue Bay

With the Blue Bay scented candle and its combination of lilac and violet floral tones with a touch of vanilla, you can bring your signature essence to every room. It’s all about you.

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Practice aromatherapy

Citronella is famous for its refreshing lemon scent and mosquito-repellent properties. But did you know that it’s also used to relieve stress in countries like India and Sri Lanka? This season, citronella candles are a must for your outdoor space.


Orange Citronella

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Green Citronella

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Because your style has a signature, and so does the fragrance of your home

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The Essence

Discover our essence

Want to breathe in the essence of Kave? That gorgeous fragrance you notice when you walk into our stores can now be enjoyed at home. Because nuestra casa es tu casa, of course.

Our authentic essence is something you can smell. Follow your nose and discover the world of Kave Home. And take a little bit home with you.

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New candle and diffuser collection

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New candle and diffuser collection

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