As a way to add style and cosiness to your space, candleholders are a big interiors trend. Why? They’re small, you can put them anywhere, and they come in infinitely original designs. You can also play around with candles in different combinations of colours.


Stairway to the top

Our Anteia collection of candleholders has a geometric stairway-shaped design, painted in colours that’ll help you add some personality to your decor: green, white and gold. And the best part? They’re made from dolomite, a natural material sourced in an environmentally responsible way.


Geometric style

Our Philana candleholders have a striking geometric shape and stylised design. Warm up your space with the garnet or black version. Both have a velvet layer so that you can put them on any surface.

And because they’re made from aluminium, you can light up any part of your home, indoors or out. Get ready to glow!


Cool and original

If you want to set the ultimate mood at home, grab two candles and use the Shania set to do it with style. Two metal candleholders in different sizes and colours, to arrange together or on their own. A great way to take design into your own hands.

The light of design

Our Danali candlesticks, made from texturised coloured glass, are an excelent piece for your special occasions. Thanks to the shapes and textures, they create an eye-catching play of light and shadow and will help to add style and warmth to your decor.


Classic and elegant

Gold and black will help you add sophistication to any space. Choose the Nair set in metal and the Babirye candlesticks in large and small formats. Your living room, dining room, bedroom or hallway will dazzle all on their own. They’re also a great addition to light up your Christmas.

Candlesticks and lanterns are design classics and are back in new, cutting-edge versions. Glass, wood, metal, wicker, for indoors or out, old-school, modern, original or Christmassy... the possibilities are endless and always fun to mix and match. The definition of lit!

March 22, 2021, 7 p.m.