Your hallway is the first glimpse inside your home, so where better to use mirrors to show off your vintage style credentials? A mirror will also brighten up the place and make it feel larger. Ready to create yours? You can’t go wrong with these ideas.


The frame matters

Especially if it’s a mirror for your hallway. Make it the star item, ready to turn every visitor’s head and show that this is about more than just reflections. A unique, hand-crafted frame made from natural fibres is just what you need to give it that nostalgic look you’re after.


Welcoming design

Rattan, another natural material, is perfect for a frame that breaks all the rules. Far from its rustic connotations, hand-woven rattan is also used in the latest designer pieces with the most modern, original designs.


More than just a hallway mirror

In small hallways, as well as checking that your reflection is 100% ready before leaving the house, you definitely need a place to put your keys, mobile and other essentials. Mirrors with a shelf are the best option to bring design and utility everywhere.


Why stick with one when you could have three?

You can also be creative with simpler frames. The combination of several mirrors, whether in different or similar sizes, is another excellent option to add style to your hallway. What’s more, it creates an interplay of depths that connects with other rooms through their reflections. Try different compositions to create a hallway with different looks.

Your hallway is the space that says most about you and your home. Give it the prominence it deserves with a personal style that welcomes you and your guests into your world.

Feb. 8, 2021, 11:39 a.m.