The days are growing longer and good weather is right around the corner, so it’s time to start getting our outdoor spaces ready. Here’s one of this summer’s trends: durable hand-woven furniture made using traditional techniques with very contemporary lines.

Gardens, terraces and balconies are ideal spaces for enjoying your leisure time to the fullest, outdoors without leaving home.

To make the design of these spaces fit the ideal of beauty, durability and comfort that you’re looking for, we propose these In&Out hand-made woven pieces, with a contemporary flair that makes them unique.

There are many reasons why we’re into this trend, such as the authenticity of the work, done by hand with woven cords, which makes the latticing very resistant.

Based on traditional techniques such as wicker and other plant-based fibres, this handicraft used for furniture has its origins in Ancient Egypt.


The base is formed on a solid wood structure and, over this, one or more fibres are criss-crossed or knotted according to the design.

The woven or plaited cord forms the perfect match with the solid wood, as we can see on the Thana rocking chair.

The seat and the back are hand-woven with highly resistant polyester cords over a eucalyptus structure with a natural finish.

The polyester fibre that makes the cord has UV protection and is extremely strong and resistant; so much so that it is used in nautical equipment.

Its special benefits make it resistant to the elements and the impact of meteorological changes since it does not absorb water and, therefore, is quick to dry.


The Gilded sofa brings together durability and comfort in one piece:  a eucalyptus wood structure treated with 4 layers of PU lacquer, woven with UV-resistant polyester cords and stuffed canvas cushions for a comfortable rest.

What we also love about this kind of hand-made furniture is how versatile it is when it comes to combining it with other kinds of material, mainly metallics and stones. You can work in these combinations with decorative pieces such as sculptures, plant pots and side tables.

These pieces of furniture turn outdoor spaces into an extension of the indoor space of your home thanks to the quality of the materials and how similar they are to indoor furniture.

So much so that you could use them inside your home too.


This breaks down the boundary between inside and outside, following an aesthetic line that gives a feeling of continuity and harmony.

A furniture collection that brings together tradition and modernity, since they are hand-made, incorporating contemporary production techniques to get maximum comfort and durability.

They give a warm feel and bring the nature and relaxed atmosphere of the Mediterranean to your home, so that you can enjoy your terrace or patio to the fullest in the coming season.

July 9, 2020, 12:06 p.m.