Concern for the preservation and care of our environment is growing and we must do everything in our power to keep it that way. By minimising the ecological footprint we leave on the planet we'll achieve a more sustainable future. We can also do this when it comes to furnishing and decorating our home. How? Read on and discover all the advantages and ideas to have a home with ecological decoration and furniture.


Sustainable materials

Choose furniture and decoration made from sustainable materials. At Kave Home we work tirelessly to have 100% of our catalogue with products that are made from sustainable materials:

- Certified wood: the wood used for our wooden furniture has the official FSC™ certificate, which ensures it comes from controlled logging and promotes responsible forest management.

- Recycled glass: some vase collections are made from recycled glass. The result is a unique, exclusive and eco-friendly design.

- Organic fabrics and PET: we use organic fabrics such as cotton or PET, which gives a second life to recycled plastic from bottles recovered from the ocean. With these, we make some super resistant and chic rugs and cushion covers.


All green

Plants are synonymous with life. Adding natural plants to the decoration of your home brings only benefits. Among the most well-known benefits, they increase oxygen levels, purify the air and remove toxins from the air.


Do you know where the furniture and decoration you want for your home comes from? One of the requirements for working with our suppliers is that they share our values, such as responsible production. Both our national and international suppliers use handcrafted techniques that respect the process of creating a product, are respectful of the environment and encourage its preservation.

Now you know some ideas to start incorporating sustainable furniture and decoration into your home, but, most importantly, don't get overwhelmed. Think that every little action counts and that little by little you'll learn to become more sustainable. Take a look at our posts about sustainability to get up to speed.

July 15, 2021, 11 a.m.