The bedroom is our personal relaxation zone, an intimate space where we should feel calm and peaceful. Have you ever stopped to think about how it should be decorated? Today we’re talking about the most relaxing colours in a bedroom – they’ll be your allies when it comes to creating the feeling you want.


White and natural

Let’s start with a classic. Neutral, calming white is the ideal shade for bedrooms. Who says it’s boring? Not us! We suggest creating a white-themed look by starting with your bedroom walls. The secret is in the details, however – in keeping with the neutral shades, choose natural materials to complement your bedroom style. For example, the bedhead and bedside table from the Shami collection, plus the Takashi rug. Like the idea? Let us make it easy for you: Here you can find some must-haves for creating the look you’ve got in mind: Discover more


Pastel colours

Pink, green, blue, lilac? Why not! You can add your favourite colour in your bedroom by choosing its pastel version to create a relaxing mood.

Pastel pink:

A soft, muted colour like pastel pink will create an intimate, romantic mood. Choose textiles and decoration in this colour (we love it too!) and see how good it looks in your bedroom. Combine pink with neutrals such as white, grey or beige to give it an extra boost.

Mint green:

Let’s start with the Margaret headboard with a green finish. Yes, it sounds a little bold, but you’re going to fall in love with it at first sight. Margaret is made from rattan, a natural fibre that’s bent and woven by hand. And nothing beats these materials if you want to create a more relaxing bedroom – green is a colour that makes us feel closer nature by creating a soothing connection.

Blue never fails:

Without a doubt, it’s one of the most tranquil colours in the rainbow. Did you know that it sends a message of calm and peace to our brain? If you’re looking for a lighter tone, choose pastel blue, and if you prefer something more vivid, we suggest adding textiles or pictures like Jacobsen. Combine it with white or dark grey if you’re feeling bold. Find pieces here to get started with your transformation.


The colours of the moment: Terracotta and mustard for your bedroom

Of course! Trends come around to give us new things to try, and colours like terracotta, burgundy and mustard are back and here to stay. Don’t be afraid to choose these shades for your bedroom, and mix and match them to set a soothing mood. Our tip is to choose a duvet cover in the same colour as the walls, furniture and fabrics to transmit a sense of peace. Natural materials, beige cushions and neutral blankets will be your best allies. There are colours and then there are colours, and lots of combinations among them. Choose warm, relaxing tones and see what a calming effect they have on your mood. Don’t forget, a good mattress, comfortable pillows and a tidy and well-decorated space with the right temperature and ventilation are the other essential ingredients to create the restful bedroom you deserve.

April 5, 2021, noon