At Kave Home we believe that great projects come from teamwork and the aim of creating a fair and caring society. That’s why we grab every chance we get to help and contribute to our society. We couldn’t be more thankful for the support of the foundations and organizations investing their efforts in improving these values. It is an honour to have them by our side and giving us a helping hand.

Learning to help

Every year for Christmas every employee received a special basket and since 2018 they have been filled by Can Moragues, Salta Obrador and the Fundación Ared. The main thing these three organisations have in common is their love and support for the planet and society. Can Moragues works together with Fundació Emys who organize socio-environmental activities that focus on the values of teamwork and collaboration with a focus on natural heritage conservation and respect for the environment. The basket also contains, “neules”, a Catalan biscuit, made by Salta Obrador, an insertion company focused on giving everybody equal chances of employment. Finally the Fundación Ared works together with people who have been socially marginalised and need support and guidance to find appropriate jobs.

We are fighting against discrimination

Part of our team has been hired by the Fundación Addeco, which works on social and professional inclusion of people with disabilities. We believe in work as a way of fighting discrimination and to demonstrate that with passion and willpower we are all capable of achieving incredible things. In our home everyone fits in.

To discover new talent under equal conditions

Talent is everywhere, no matter where you come from. That is why we refuse poverty to be a barrier from getting the same chances as everybody else at a job and living in dignity. To help overcome social inequality Kave Home collaborates with the Fundación Ared, who focuses on social and professional inclusion. We are always looking for new opportunities but also creating them.

People come first, second and third

Every product is born and raised by people. At any company there is hard work, dedication and continuous learning. We are fortunate to collaborate with entities such as the Consell Comarcal de la Selva. They take part in discussions and areas of dialogue with people who are unemployed and education centers where they share investment and development projects. Oh, and we also offer internship programs!

Collaborating at home

Girona East is formed by Vila-Roja, Mas Ramada, La Creueta, Sant Daniel and Font de la Pólvora, five neighborhoods all in the city of Girona with a high unemployment rate and school dropouts. We are collaborating in sport, cultural, educative and social activities all focusing on the promotion of equality and diversity. We are very committed and take this extremely seriously.

Feb. 15, 2021, 2:38 p.m.