From the beach to the mountains, by way of cosy country cottages, we are taking you on a tour of some of the furniture and accessories that suit these properties down to a tee. Take note and get your holiday home ready to enjoy all its potential with this selection of furniture and decor.


Strong folding chairs such as the Ambition chair, which can be folded away and stored in the smallest of spaces, can be used both indoors and outdoors. Combine it in several colours to create a stylishly decorated space with bags of personality.

Add an Alrick table, which can also be folded away, and can be used outdoors. A light yet hardwearing table, perfect for porches, terraces, patios, balconies... And it’s also suitable for indoor spaces. When you leave, just fold it up, store it away, and leave the house all ready for your next visit.

If you have enough space and don't mind whether furniture can be folded or not, the Isa and Allegian chairs, which are available in a multitude of colours and are suitable for indoors and outdoors, are perfect for you.

Following on from this same line of versatile and practical furnishings, the Gustave Set, made from warm robust acacia wood, will bring a cosy and decorative feel to your spaces. And I talk about spaces and not any one particular room because this set of chairs and table is ideal for both indoor and outdoor areas, because they are made from wood and because they can be folded away and adapt to any space.


Let’s not forget sofa beds, which are so useful and indeed essential in these homes to maximise space and have room to sleep comfortably no matter who comes.

The comfortable contemporary Lyanna sofa bed is the perfect choice. It barely takes up any room, is available in various colours and offers a comfortable bed, either 90 cm or 140 cm in width.

If you are looking for something more traditional, the elegant Kymoon sofa is the right choice for you.

A modern, comfortable and functional sofa, which can be turned into a 160 x 196 cm double bed, upholstered in stain-resistant fabric and fitted with reclining headrests. It has it all.

If this is not to your taste, check out our entire catalogue of sofa beds to find the one that best suits your style and decorative and functional preferences.


In addition to appropriate furniture as we have just seen, you also need to have plenty of extra storage space so that the house is always neat and tidy.

Natural fibre baskets create a fresh summery look and are an easy and decorative way of keeping the house looking tidy. Neat, tidy, and stylish.

Choose the right furniture for you and the perfect accessories, and make the most of your holiday home, so you can enjoy it to the full.

May 15, 2020, 3:12 p.m.