We invite you to get away from the day to day in this country house designed by Maaf studio, an architecture and design studio based in Madrid.


This project is located in a large rural area where the countryside is a priority in the town of Lorca (Murcia). It’s a single-storey space, consisting of two main bodies. These bodies communicate with each other through an interplay of height and skylights, creating courtyards and terraces of light, with functional routes between them.


The project has been designed and constructed keeping local trades and companies in mind at all times, the materials like natural stone and finishes are from local factories. Pieces such as the Nina chairs or the Sheryl stools integrate perfectly with the space.


Design and nature

The limits between interior and exterior blur, creating a distinctly Mediterranean style. The Viridis set is the star piece of the outdoor space, made from wood treated to tolerate UV rays and with a high durability PU lacquer.


Natural materials, earthy tones, and sustainable furniture together create a warm refuge.

Discover the pieces that produce the perfect balance for enjoying the slow life.

Nov. 28, 2022, 10:51 a.m.