Creating a warm, homely environment is one of the main aims for interiors studio Somos Nido. In this flat located on the outskirts of Barcelona, they’ve done just that, using good taste and a careful selection of Kave Home furniture and décor. Want to know how?

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Neutral and light colours reign supreme, although they’ve given the living room a splash of colour with pieces such as Bobly armchairs, textiles and the Pythia picture.

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In any room, it’s essential to make the most of every corner and bit of natural light to achieve a sense of harmony. The Somos Nido team have done this perfectly in the living room where, with a selection of furniture from the Taiana collection, they’ve created a room that's ideal for showing off decorative details, as well as offering storage space. The shade of the wood enhances the natural light in the room too.

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The chair they’ve chosen for the kitchen is the Yaren in light grey, which perfectly fulfils their aim of creating a tranquil, homely, and relaxing space.

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The Samanta cord armchair is the best choice for enjoying sunny days on the terrace. They’ve paired it with the Lucy side table which has a cement top. These two materials are bang on trend and bring loads of character to an outdoor space.

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If you fancy pieces from this flat for yourself,take a look at our selection.

June 21, 2021, 10:40 a.m.