Giving a warm welcome is down to you and your hallway. Meet the perfect partnership that’ll turn this space into your home’s calling card. As well as matching each other beautifully, the wood-and-white combo gives you endless options for decorating the hall. Want to see for yourself? Check out these ideas.


Start with the walls

The best way to make the most of an all-white space, especially if we’re decorating a small hallway, is to optimise the walls using wooden hangers like Natane. It’s made from solid birch, with light tones and a brilliantly original design, as Natane has an unusual vertical position to saves space.

You can combine this piece with the rest of the collection or, as we have done, a free-standing mirror. There are plenty of benefits. It adds a sense of depth to the space, the reflection connects the rest of the rooms and it’s perfect for giving your outfit a final check before leaving the house.


Add some light

Putting a table lamp on your hallway console table is always a good idea, and even better if it’s Myriad. A piece to express your style. 100% natural and authentic. Made from cotton, solid rain tree wood and brick. And you know what else? It’s also planet-friendly, as the wood used comes from sustainably-managed forests where felling is controlled to protect the environment.

And to make things even easier for you, at Kave Home we have a compatible bulb for this lamp. It’s an LED bulb, of course, to keep looking after the environment by using less energy and lasting longer. And saving you some pennies at the same time.


A bench in the corner

The best thing about coming home after a long day is making yourself comfortable. Reserve a space in your hallway for a wooden bench – it’ll look great against the white walls as well as giving you a place to take off your shoes. Match it with a rug made from natural fibres and add style without taking up space.

We’ve opted for the Safara bench. It’s made from solid recovered teak from Indonesia, recycled and given a special treatment to end up with this design, which you can also use in the bathroom as teak is a moisture-resistant type of wood. A highly durable bench that looks good anywhere in your home. It’ll age beautifully!

Feb. 16, 2021, 5 p.m.