Thanks to wood, white bedrooms can also be cosy and welcoming. In this post, we show you the infinite possibilities of this material for your bedroom decor. And if you like to take things a step further, why not try finding different textures to match?


Don’t forget the bed

Beds are an often overlooked part of the room when in fact they play a crucial role. Choose a wooden bed with an upholstered headboard like Shayndel for an impressive before-and-after effect in your bedroom. Thanks to its neutral tones, it’ll blend into the atmosphere we’re aiming for.

Alone or with company, it’s up to you. Whether you share your bed or not, with one leg sticking out or curled up in a ball, there’s a Shayndel for you. Choose from three sizes.


The trusty bedside table

If we want to add wood to the bedroom look, there’s nowhere better than on our bedside table, particularly in smaller rooms. In larger spaces, you can add a chest of drawers in the same type of wood for a matching colour palette.


In the frame

What else? As well as a splash of colour in an all-white room, pictures also add wooden accents courtesy of their frames.

If you match yours with an attractive free-standing mirror, the wow factor is in the bag, as this will also bring in a sense of light and spaciousness. For small bedrooms, you can opt for a wall mirror to achieve the same results. You can’t go wrong!


Starting with the ceiling? Of course

As in any room, good lighting is crucial for your bedroom. A white room will reflect the daylight more effectively, but you also need a ceiling light after dark. With a suitable bulb and a wooden shade, you can enjoy great design every time you look up.

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March 19, 2021, 11 a.m.