Zen decoration is based on the principles of Buddhism and aims to help us find inner peace and harmony through our home surroundings. With the frenzied rhythm of the lives we lead, it’s very important to know how to take care of ourselves, stay positive, and switch off. Learn how to incorporate Zen into your interiors to relax your mind and live better.


Relaxing colours

Surround yourself with soft colours that evoke calm and serenity. For instance, a pale green reminds us of nature and alleviates tired eyes, making it ideal for creating a relaxed mood. Neutral colours such as grey and brown are also perfect for achieving this style. Our Tazu collection is an easy way to add this colour palette to your home, as are natural materials such as linen, which respect the environment and evoke nature, freshness and comfort.


Maintain order

Keeping the house clean and tidy helps us to stay calmer and happier. Storage space is key to this: make sure your home has pieces like sideboards and chests of drawers where you can keep everything organised and hide away the items you don’t want on show. As well as offering ample storage space, the Rexit collection is made from natural mindi wood with rattan at the front – a natural style that’s ideal for a Zen space.


Evocative aromas

The power of scent can change our mood, create a cosy atmosphere and make us feel better. The fragrances of our diffusers and scented candles will transport your mind to a more relaxing place and their soft light will amplify the effect.


Less is more

Say yes to simplicity. Having lots of furniture and decorative pieces will create a busy space that isn’t conducive to relaxation. Particularly in the bedroom, it’s important to achieve an uncluttered interior, with neutral colours and just the essentials needed to for physical and mental rest.

May 19, 2021, 10 a.m.