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At Kave Home we want to be a part of your interior design projects. We put enviable conditions at your disposal to make them a reality.
We work with all types of professionals from the sector, such as interior designers, architects, hotel chains and hospitality, as well as property managers.

From one professional to another

The best possible conditions to make your projects extraordinary.

Various methods of delivery and assembly.


If you are Kave Pro you can attend events and get the scoop on brand communications.

Various methods of delivery and assembly

We adjust to your needs.

Exclusive discounts

By volume, with no minimum purchase.

Personalised consultancy

Special attention service, and online & in-store monitoring of projects.

Design and quality

Functional, durable, sustainable pieces.
Personalised consultancy


We make it easy to give your projects shape, and make sure you always come out winning.

Products in 3D

Products in 3D

Sign up as a Kave Pro and you'll have our products available in 3D to add to your projects.

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Kave Affiliates

Kave Affiliates

Earn commissions just for recommending Kave Home.

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Exclusive catalogues with all the latest inspiration and releases.



Professionals from the sector already put their faith in us to create spaces with personality and individuality.

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We make a huge selection of material samples available to help you create the best spaces.

Projects in 3D

We design an interior proposal for you in 3D, so that you or your client can see the end goal of the project.

PRO space

We have a space reserved for you, where you'll be able to work comfortably on your professional projects.

Personalised consultancy

You'll receive an excellent, 100% personalised service on behalf of our in-store teams.


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