In addition to sleeping, a bedroom has many uses – it’s a place to read, relax, get dressed, etc. That’s why we need to have different lights in single space.


Good mornings = good days

When that alarm goes off, we often get up in a zombie-like state without seeing what’s around us. Instead of getting dressed in the dark, installing a focal light next to our wardrobe and chest of drawers helps us to locate what we need more easily.


The main light

Ceiling lights in the middle of the bedroom are important if you want to see or find what you’re looking for easily.


Let’s relax

For relaxing with your other half with a chat and a joke, table lamps or wall sconces help to create a more intimate space. Candles are also a decorative way to set the mood, as well as providing fragrance and relaxation.


Time to read

Table lamps on the bedside table or wall sconces by the bed are the ideal lighting to read by and are important for avoiding eye strain. A soft light on your bedside table is also the best way to help you sleep.

Without a doubt, a bedroom with plenty of natural light is a winner – you don’t need to find ways to attract light and you save on energy bills, too.

Lamps offer an endless range of lighting options in different materials, measurements and colours that'll look great in your bedroom.

April 16, 2021, 9 a.m.