Our home is our haven. A place to unwind from the sometimes frenetic pace of life, and simply enjoy the now.

The philosophy: slow life

"Slow deco" seeks to transform our homes into a space where we can truly disconnect, or reconnect with ourselves. This living room has everything you need to do that. Take note!

Slow life madera.jpg

Go for natural furniture

Sustainable furniture is key to a home immersed in calm. The Delsie collection connects us with nature while still maintaining functionality.

sofa blok.jpg

A sofa that’s pure pleasure

Create a corner where life outside is put on pause, and you can be in your own rhythm. Our choice was the Blok in green corduroy for its sheer softness and comfort.


A palette of light and pastel colours

Neutral colours are a must in slow decor. Choose a colour range to inspire relaxation and let the light in with this selection of pieces that suit the slow life.

Feb. 14, 2022, 3:47 p.m.