Today we enter the new architecture studio of Arquitalia in Madrid. The design of its facilities in Madrid is a reflection of its work philosophy, which focuses on creating spaces that are comfortable and attractive for its clients. Shall we enter?


The meeting room, with the Batilde table and Selia chairs combines functionality and elegance. The Batilde table stands out because of its minimalist design and solid wood surface, that makes it perfect for work meetings or presentations. The Selia chairs lend a touch of sophistication thanks to their modern design, and upholstery in neutral tones.


Neutral tones and natural materials have been used effectively in the decoration of these offices, which are a demonstration of trends in current interior design. The elements together in the space create a warm, cosy atmosphere, while transmitting a feeling of serenity and peace.

All in all, it's a space designed to inspire and attract their clients, that balances the comfort and functionality of the offices for the management of their projects. Discover the entire selection of products.

16 Apr 2023, 9:17 a.m.