It’s always the perfect moment to do something more to care for the environment, and what better way than adding a PET rug to your home. Join the (d)eco trend with these essentials to add a personal touch to your space in a sustainable way. Keep reading to know more about this incredible material... the future is now.

With this recycled plastic we all win

In our last post about the PET rugs we explained the importance of recycled plastics. But, did you know that in the making of these rugs we also save energy? This means less CO2 emissions. So, if you weren’t sure about getting PET pieces, here’s an extra reason to do so. Our Rodhe rugs are the perfect way to start!

Tell us what rug you need, and we’ll tell you... yes, we’ve got it

PET is made to fit any style. We want to make every of our PET rugs unique and ideal, so they are hand-made to assure the perfect round, rectangular, big or small shape. And, of course, there are colours to suit every taste. These models are designed to be flawless all year round.

Save up in the laundry and win extra time

Have you got a pet? This is for you. All furry friends can relax comfortably on our PET rugs without worries. They have an easy-cleaning system and will dry quickly. We’ve also designed the Sterina cleaner to make your life even easier if you want to have always like on the first day.

In or out? You choose!

Yes. Our PET rugs can be also placed on the outside. Because a personal touch can also be added to your exteriors or wherever you want. Add colour to any space, feel free to go barefoot (they are incredibly soft!) and protect your floor from being in contact with your furniture’s legs. Keep in mind that our rugs are rolled up to allow a better delivery process so, once they get home, keep calm. You’ll just have to be a little patient and they will in time get flat and ready for you to enjoy them to the fullest.

July 9, 2020, 1 p.m.