A fan of Nordic style? Let it show! For elegant, up-to-date spaces, this style is hard to beat. We particularly love a Scandi look in the bathroom thanks to the sense of light and spaciousness it creates. If you feel the same, here are some bathrooms to inspire you.

Natural materials

The Azuray mat in teak is the perfect way to add a natural, minimalist look. Combine it with other items made from wood or natural fibres to achieve a uniform style. It’s also a piece that’ll look great with white, the essential shade for Scandi bathrooms.

Minimalist Scandi lighting

This is how good the Manz wall light looks in a bathroom. If one word could sum up the Scandi bathroom look, it would have to be minimalist. We recommend paying attention to the little details and decoration. For lighting, practical is best if you want to avoid a cluttered feel.

Storage with natural fibres

Natural fibres are the essence of Nordic style. Our Words baskets have been chosen for this bathroom – a very versatile piece that’ll suit any room but we particularly love how it looks in a bathroom. Here the stylist has combined it with the Azuray mat and other white pieces and for a bit of freshness you could add a plant or two.

Mirrors: the key piece

Where would we be without a bathroom mirror? In this space, Polke is definitely a very Scandi option that combines natural materials like teak along with modern trends courtesy of the round shape and quirky design.

A side table in the bathroom?

Why not? It might feel a little bold but a side table can be the defining piece in a minimalist bathroom. The Rawra table adds style and personality to your bathroom and is versatile enough for use in any other room. Here the wood and white combine with black detailing to nail the Nordic look and secure this bathroom’s position in our top 10. Now it’s time to put it all into practice, so make sure you treat yourself to a well-earned glass of wine in the bath now and then.

Scandi-style bathroom accessories

Details that make all the difference. Pay attention to your bathroom accessories, like the soap dispenser, soap dish, toilet brush and, of course, the towels. The Trella collection has been chosen for this minimalist bathroom. A collection made from recycled glass with a unique design. Here, the visual purity of the white tone makes this one of our favourite Nordic bathrooms.

We hope these bathrooms help to inspire you and give you a clearer idea of what your Scandi-style space needs.

June 1, 2021, 11 a.m.