Curie solid rubber wood desk, 120 x 60 cm

120 x 60 cm desk made entirely from solid rubber wood.
Thanks to the unique tones and grains of the wood, no two pieces are identical.
This piece is kinder to the planet, as the wood comes from sustainably-managed forests with controlled felling.
Wood with a white finish to brighten up your interiors and create a sense of space.
There’s nothing like wood

Made from solid rubber wood, each Curie has unique tones and grain patterns derived from the wood, making it an authentic one-off.

Enjoy your space

As well as maximising the available space, the light design and tones will brighten up your room and make it feel bigger.

Dazzling good looks

The wood has been given a white finish that’ll brighten up your interior and make it feel more spacious. Ideal for smaller spaces.

Product specification