Lights, action! Here’s how to set the perfect scene, all year round. That’s right, all year round. Because there’s nothing we love more than a well-lit, welcoming living room. Ready?

Cold or warm lighting? Illuminate your living room

Let’s start with the basics. A warm light with yellow- or reddish tones will be the best option to illuminate your living room. A space where the top priority is to create a cosy, relaxing atmosphere. The best option? Put a ceiling light in the spot where you relax. On the other hand, cold light is a good choice if we want to highlight a particular area of the living room, like our favourite shelves, our picture gallery or vases.


Three sources of light

The power of three is your key to success. Three different types of light combine to create the perfect mood. The first is a main light, this one’s role is to light up the whole space in a uniform way.

The second is an activity light. The role of this light is to set the tone for a particular area. For example, your space for reading or relaxation.

Finally, a focal light, which allows you to pinpoint the attention on one spot in particular. For example, a shelf with decorative elements.

See the light! The practical bit

Now that we know about the types of light and what we need from them, let’s put our knowledge into practice.


In the sofa area:

We know that the king of the living room needs lighting that’s up to the standards. For this space, choose a soft, warm and indirect light. Hang a ceiling light above it, or wall lights if the space is very large and you want to set the general mood. To add more warmth, our trick is to keep a light of some kind nearby at all times. A table lamp for your side table or a floor lamp could both be good options. This way, you can turn off the main light and unwind without sitting in darkness.


In your reading nook:

Without a doubt, a floor lamp is a good companion to your armchair. For this space, it’s important to have a light that suits your activity. Choose a warm light, as the cold one reflects more and isn’t so comfortable for reading. Shh! A special atmosphere can only result from the right kind of floor lamp.


In the sofa area:

As the living room is so often the place where we meet up with friends and family, it’s important to set the right tone with a lamp that diffuses the light. If we want to focus the attention on a particular point, like the coffee table, we can add a portable lamp like Ridley.

Now that you know the most important thing to remember – that the key to finding the right lighting is being clear about the different activities we’ll do in our living room. Remember, the essential ingredients of a beautifully-lit living room are mixing different lamps, having at least three sources of light, and using it to create different spaces.

Feb. 10, 2021, 3:34 p.m.