Artisans have always played an important role throughout our production processes. Craftsmen and women help to define many of our furniture and decor products, lending them uniqueness and infinite value.

We partnered with Elisava, the Barcelona School of Design and Engineering, to support their work with our project “The value of craft”.

Kave Home x Elisava

Together with three craftsmen and women, designers from the Kave Home team taught more than 40 Elisava students about manual production processes and what makes each specialism unique and important.

The students, in turn, combined their knowledge and talent to create 21 projects, of which nine were shortlisted and the winners chosen by popular vote: the Ebian hall mirror unit and the Cable lamp.


Artisan basket-making

Ona Trepat helped with the production process for the winning projects, in which natural fibres add a unique, homely touch. She is a sculptor and weaver who specialises in local plant-based fibres such as wicker, chestnut, bulrush and cane.

Key to the success of this collaboration were the synergies between the various professionals who took part: craft, young talent, commercial vision, and large-scale sustainable production.


Upcoming talent

These projects are the result of a collaboration between experts and young, upcoming talent. Elisava students were able to learn about the craft sector from the inside out and, in this case, the manufacturing process using plant-based fibres. They gained an understanding of the technical specifications and used drawings and prototypes to bring their product to life.

Working alongside Ona, the students were able to determine the perfect weave for each part of their piece, which combined with their fresh, innovative ideas to add a unique touch to the hall unit and lamp.


The value of synergies

We would like to thank the craftsmen and women who collaborated with us – Rosa Cortiella (ceramics), Ferran Collado (glass) and Ona Trepat (basket-making) – as well as the Elisava team for making this project possible.

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Jan. 22, 2021, 9:44 a.m.