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Our commitment to the planet and society
Kave Cares

When things can be done better, we aim for perfection

We at Kave Home are extremely proud of the Kave Cares launch. It is through Kave Cares that we bring all our actions, projects and collaborations together. We are fully committed to the environment and society and work to be conscious and responsible towards our planet and humanity.

We are committed to doing things right and by keeping to get better and better, because we know that we aren't perfect. Sustainability is one of our main values. We design pieces with recycled and recyclable materials and elaborate our products consciously. We do not just select the best materials and work with traditional techniques, but we are also being socially committed by collaborating with environmental and social projects. At Kave Home we believe in staying true to our values and turn them into reality. We refuse to choose between design and sustainability, that is why we are working to become a part of your home in a sustainable way.


Being sustainable goes beyond just having sustainable products

That is why with Kave Cares we include a wide range of aspects. They go from the materials to the production processes, our suppliers, company and its facilities, the design process, our social responsibility and much more. From day one we have been working towards the launch of Kave Cares, trying to perfect it by always going one step further.

We actively contribute to creating a better future and world, with lots of plans in the pipeline to achieve our goals. We are aware of the big impact the furniture industry has on the environment and we aim to minimize this as much as we can. Because in the end we know you can always do better.

"We want that social and ecological awareness is embedded in our brand and products DNA, as much as the design and high-quality".

Francesc Julià, founder of the Julià Grup and Kave Home


The products with the Kave Cares tag are made with sustainable, recycled, certified and/or with natural materials. However, all our products, with our without the tag, follow conscious and responsible manufacturing and production processes, with care for the environment and society.

Our materials

The Kave Cares tag is for products with the following characteristics:

Natural materials

Made with natural materials such as cotton, natural fibers, bamboo, rattan and many others.

Recycled materials

Made with recycled materials such as recycled glass, plastic from recycled bottles or bottles from the ocean, recycled wood from old buildings or reused from under bushes and reused leftover fabrics.

Certified materials

The material has an official certificate such as FLEGT or PEFC, which assures that the wood comes from controlled felling.

Natural products

The product has a water base or has been made with natural products such as wax or oil, and it is kept clear from chemical products.

Committed to the environment

The supplier is actively committed and takes part in social or environmentally related projects.

Production process and suppliers

One of our priorities is being transparent with all our projects and communications. Knowing where, how and who produces our pieces is essential in understanding what we are trying to achieve with Kave Cares. One of our main prerequisites when choosing our suppliers is to make sure they share our values, checking if they follow environmentally and socially committed processes and have a sustainable and responsible production, assuring humane and dignified working conditions to all their employees.


Our national and international suppliers use traditional handcrafting techniques that respect the making of each product, they are committed to the environment and do their best to preserve it. Our production is focussed in these 12 countries (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Poland, Turkey, India, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore), located in areas and continents where we also develop the majority of our commercial activities to compensate and minimize our ecological impact. In collaboration with our suppliers we develop social projects in their local communities, to assure better living conditions.

A good example of that is Spain, where we produce in nearby areas in our own warehouse in Sils (Girona) and in Yecla (Murcia).


We are obsessed with perfecting every detail. That is why our designers are always looking out for the latest trends to anticipate and venture into new sustainable and recycled materials and innovative techniques. A perfect design is not only aesthetically pleasing and functional but it also has to be responsible for the planet and the people that live in it.

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About us

The Kave Home Team now has more than 200 members from 20 different nationalities. We work to guarantee the best professional and humane conditions for all of our team members. We treat each other with respect, tolerance and believe in decent work, transparency, diversity, equality and integration.

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Throughout the year we work, launch and collaborate in short, medium or long term projects that contribute to both social and environmental fields. Working with specific goals and targets to achieve our commitment to be sustainable and responsible. One of our biggest projects is to have completely plastic free packaging for our products and store materials before 2025.

Our projects

Our offices

Did you know that our headquarters in Sils is energetically efficient? This means that we have followed strict guidelines to become as eco-friendly as possible. We did this by using thermal insulation materials to reduce our power consumption, making use of adjustable light sources with light sensors and by locating sound absorbing panels to prevent acoustic contamination.

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