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“At Kave Home we make things work”

Francesc Julià is founder of the Julià Grup and Kave Home. He started as a lathe operator and his incredible entrepreneur's vision made him realize about the furniture field potential.

Currently, the local furniture supplier that he founded at the age of 22, has become a top international furniture design, manufacturing and distribution company, with presence in more than 80 countries. And that only happens when you work with true passion.

We are the furniture brand that believes in doing things differently.

We work to take over the furniture, design and decoration industry. Because we always go a step further and to be the best option for perfectionists that are looking for unique products.

The purpose? To make high-quality design products with an impeccable service. Because we do not ship rockets to the moon (yet), but we are delivering in record time.

Our obsession? To make every detail perfect. That's why we follow carefully every step of our design, fabrication and distribution process of every product. To assure great and functional designs, high-quality and an affordable price.

Your style, your perfect imperfection and your constant evolution are what make you interesting and unique. Yes, we are talking to you, that perfectionist that is always going a step further. At Kave Home you'll find the furniture and decoration pieces that will talk about your personality.


Mission and values

Our mission is to take over the furniture and decoration industry, creating unique designs in a sustainable way.

Our values are based on:







Our logo is inspired by the shape of a cave, that refuge where we feel comfortable and protected. That's how we want you to feel in your home. The place where time stops and you can enjoy life, alone or with your loved ones.

At Kave Home, we want you to make yourself at home, here everyone fits in.

In house design

We elaborate carefully every piece of our collections starting with the design. Our in house design team, and the external independent designers that we collaborate with, work with innovative processes and materials. The result are functional, durable and trendy pieces, made for people who always want something special. We don't stop until we achieve a perfect result.

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Kave Cares

We are committed in making things right and to get better and better at it, we know that we are not perfect. For years, we have been working on making everything more sustainable, but there's never enough in taking care of our planet. Sustainability is one of our principal company values. We are aware of the importance of designing and creating products with recycled and recyclable materials. Being part of your house is our dream, but always in a responsible way.

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Recycled and recyclable materials

We work with local and international partners that are committed in manufacturing and making our products in a sustainable way. To make this possible, we use natural certified materials such as solid wood, jute, rattan or organic cotton. We also believe in using recycled materials like PET (made with recycled plastic bottles from the ocean), recycled glass and wood. This is what helps us make unique and sustainable products.


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We would love for you to visit us in our retail stores.

You can choose between Barcelona, Madrid, Vigo and our shop in shops, where Kave Home is inside of national and international stores.

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Kave Team

The Kave Home Team has now more than 200 members, divided by projects that go from design and product development, to manufacturing of prototypes, the creation of audiovisual content or the personalized customer care. We believe in young talent, professional and proactive, and in diversity: there are more of 20 different nationalities in our headquarters, the Girona and Barcelona warehouses, retail stores and production centers in Madrid, Yecla, Seoul, New Delhi, Shenzen, Ho Chi Min, etc.

Kave Careers

If you are committed, talented and want to be a part of a team that is always challenging itself to evolve and get better and better, Kave Home is for you. Don’t be shy! We are waiting for you!

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