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Step into our home, your home.
There’s room for everyone.

You’ll love what we’ve done with the place; mix and matching the latest trends in decor and furniture with timeless home staples. Don’t you just love when a place has character? When it’s a reflection of those who live in it? That’s what makes it special. Don’t be shy! Throw yourself into the mix, make it personal, go ahead, join the trend, make it yours.


You need a little help? At Kave Home we’ve got an international and very diverse team that works tirelessly to bring you 40 new suggestions each week, so that you are never underwhelmed, never un-inspired. Our goal is to help you express your style and character through your home, always.

And because we are part of Julia Grup, a Spanish furniture company working in over 70 countries for more than 35 years, we have the industry’s fastest delivery service. You’re in a rush? No worries, you can have almost anything within 48 hours; everything is up and ready to give you the best solutions in terms of expedite shippings, reliable delivery and free of charge returns in case there are any problems.


See! We’ve left you with no excuse for delaying the telling of your personal story through your home! What are you waiting for?

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